Saturday, April 06, 2002

Eric Alterman, always the leftist moral phony

sounds off at the lack of tolerance for a Jewish traitor's family. In "Hatred runs rampant in the land of the free", he excorciates the folks who have harrassed the family of traitor Adam Shapiro. Of course, in true communist tradition, he describes this terrorist protector as a peace activist. I don't approve of people harrassing his family, the same way I despise random violence against mosques or Arabs. That would just lower us to the level of the leftist or Arabic scum that he supports.

But back home in the United States, Adam Shapiro’s family has paid a high price for his compassion. Pro-Israel zealots who disapprove of his politics have rained such a torrent of threats and abuse on his parents that they have fled the city. And Noah Shapiro, an attorney who has defended his brother’s actions in the media, is now living under police guard.

Fine Eric, the abuse is wrong, but your criticism is one sided. I never hear him denounce the savagery and hate that his Muslim buddies promote. When the PA murders suspected collaborators without trial, where are the anti-death penalty civil rights advocate? What would happen to a pro-Israeli dissident in Cairo or Damacus? Just like the left's response to the cold war: Scream about McCarthy and Hollywood blacklist while ignoring or excusing the communist when they jail or kill those who disagfree in the slightest. The joke was would the Soviets bother investigating the Democratic Capitalist Party members, a party that could never existed in the USSR?

Friday, April 05, 2002

Why Israel Must Stop The Terror By Bandar bin Sultan, Ambassador from Saudi Arabia

The nerve of this scum. He tries to suck up to the US, belatedly condoning our war against the scum in Afgahnistan.

I am sympathetic to the suffering of the American people and the anger of the American leadership over terrorist attacks on the United States.....I am saddened and feel pain for what happened to thousands of innocent people in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

This is after his fascist, religion hating country spawned most of the 9/11 vermin and then did its best to shield the horrors it created from us. The only reason he is sucking up to us is that those weak, spineless cowards wouldn't dare lay a finger on Israel directly. But she'll do here best to whip up her world wide network of Islamic crazies to cause more terror and oppression.

. But I feel the pain and suffering of 3 million innocent Palestinians from a terrorist Israeli operation. I understand and respect the priorities of the United States, but I also respect and understand the priorities of 3 million unarmed Palestinians.(huh?, ed) I acknowledge that the Palestinians' greatest crime is their insistence on resisting the military occupation of their country. This strange principle of resistance to military occupation of one's country seems to be difficult for many American political, intellectual and media elite to comprehend -- even though it has been practiced by others in the past, such as Nelson Mandela in South Africa under apartheid and Gen. George Washington during British colonial rule, and even Menachem Begin during the British Mandate of Palestine......No sensible person can accept or support the killing of innocent people anywhere in the world -- and that includes innocent Israelis. This also applies to the innocent Palestinians.... The Israeli people are also victims of the Israeli occupation. And now America's worldwide interests are victims of the Israeli occupation. The policies of the Israeli government continue to prove that Israel is a strategic burden on the United States in times of crisis in the Middle East.

So now the ambassador of a country that bans all Jews and won't let a Christian wear a cross or worship claims he's feeling all our pain. Then he wants us to identify the Palestinians with freedom fighters that his sandbox kingdom will never produce or tolerate! What about resistance to the tyranny in your kingdom, where women are treated like cattle and homosexuals beheaded? Or you claim you feel for the dead Jews when the filth who runs your royal approved rags reprint Nazi screeds about Jews using Arab blood for their matzoh? Maybe he's right about our country's world interest suffering a bit from our support of Israel. But that's mainly due to the hate, that the scum like his brethern, have whipped up amongst the Muslim fanatics around the world. Through the mosques and schools that this sick little kingdom have financed, have sprung all the death worshipping savages with guns and korans in hand and explosives around their waist. This is why we hate you people, I wear your Islamic hate and contempt as a badge of honor. If your culture accepted us, then something must be wrong with us. You just want to use America to run and guard you pumps, you hypocrite!

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Kim Strassel sounds off on the idiocy of Awareness Days like "Awareness Week for Fighting Brain Damage From MTV Watching", weeks, months

OK, I admit I didn't know that 6,000 kids ended up in the hospital each year from overloaded backpacks. But do I care? Presumably if my child went off to school looking like he was doing the limbo, I'd pull some of the books out. Presumably I'd know to do this even without National Backpack Safety Month. Similarly, I would know better than to set my house on fire, blow my car up, or feed my offspring poison without Dryer Vent Safety Month, Auto Battery Safety Month or Baby Safety Month.

My suggestion:

A National No Awareness Days Day.
The only worry is that there are no days left on which to hold it.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

More about the anti-Semitic violence in France from the paper of record

There have been 2 synagogue fires and some shots fired, thank God no one was hurt, yet! Of course, Muslims living in France are behind it. Muslim leaders helped with their usual backhanded denouncement:

The grand mufti of Marseille, Soheib Bencheikh, condemned "these barbarous acts," adding: "Our natural and spontaneous solidarity with the Palestinian people, who submit to daily murders and humiliations orchestrated by Israel's bloody and vengeful leaders, cannot let us forget two undeniable truths: Jews and Arabs have shown, across their long history, an astonishing capacity to live together.

Notice the ritual accusations against the Israelis, without mentioning the mindless violent Muslim fanatics contribution to the scene in Israel. Then the obligatory appeal to the supposed ancient amity. Of course, that ancient amity was predicated by the Jews gracefully accepting 2nd class subject status under Islamic rule.
The French response was cool Cartesian logic:

The mayor of Anderlecht, Jacques Simonet, told Belgian radio that he ascribed the attack to "a hostility which means that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is exported to some of our tougher neighborhoods."

But I thought the Arabs and Muslims only hate Zionist, at least according to the party line for western consumption.

Sunday, March 31, 2002

A broadside that matches an Iowa Class Battleship (9 16" guns, 24 5" guns)

Victor D. Hanson of NRO unloads on all the whiners who tout civilian casualties as a marker of morality:
Palestinians appeal to the American public on grounds that three or four times as many of their own citizens have died as Israelis. The crazy logic is that in war the side that suffers the most casualties is either in the right or at least should be the winner. Some Americans nursed on the popular ideology of equivalence find this attractive. But if so, they should then sympathize with Hitler, Tojo, Kim Il Sung, and Ho Chi Minh who all lost more soldiers — and civilians — in their wars against us than we did. ....

We are told that Palestinian civilians who are killed by the Israeli Defense Forces are the moral equivalent of slaughtering Israeli civilians at schools, restaurants, and on buses. That should be a hard sell for Americans after September 11, who are currently bombing in Afghanistan to ensure that there are not more suicide murderers on our shores. This premise hinges upon the acceptance that the suicide bombers' deliberate butchering of civilians is the same as the collateral damage that occurs when soldiers retaliate against other armed combatants....
Rather they are doing precisely what we ourselves were forced to do in Mogadishu: Fighting a dirty urban war against combatants who have no uniforms, shoot from houses, and are deliberately mixed in with civilians. So far the Israelis have probably killed fewer civilians in a year of fighting on the West Bank than our trapped soldiers did in two days of similar gun battles in Somalia.........

The dispute is said to be about treating the "other" fairly — but Syria and Iraq summarily expelled over 7,000 Jews after the 1967 war, stole their property, and bragged that they had rid their country of them. The upcoming Arab Summit could spend weeks just investigating the Arab murder and persecution of its own people and Jews.....
He brings it back home with this witty snippet concerning the anti-violence wimps in public ed:
we live in a society in which playground fights in our schools are now often adjudicated by concepts such as "zero tolerance" and "equal culpability." Rather than exercising moral judgment — and investing time and energy in such investigation — our school principals simply expel any student caught fighting, as if the bully and his victim occupy the same moral ground.......

Our schoolbooks devote more space to Hiroshima than to the far, far greater casualties on Okinawa. Students are not told that the two tragedies are connected — as if the American bombing to prevent an enormous bloodbath on the Japanese mainland is somehow not a direct result of the Japanese imperial military's efforts a few weeks earlier to unleash 2,000 kamikazes,

Maybe I could get the Times-Useless to carry him instead of Molly Ivins.

CSPAN sucks! their call in show is dominated by pro Palestinian, anti-American scum who spout the party line

This includes the left and right. Concerning the latest wave of Palestinian/Muslim terrorism and Israelis belated response to the terror master Arafat, every piece of ignorant trash called in to express their sympathy with the murderous garbage who provoked the Jewish reaction to begin with. As I remember in Fall of 2000, Barak was living up to his end of the Oslo bargain, doing everything he could to appease Arafat when the backstabbing Arab pigs used then private citizen Sharon's visit to the Wailing Wall as an excuse to riot and resume the war. The Palestinian Nazis said his speech was provocative. Well, if Israel attacked everytime some anti-semitic Nazi sympathizer ran his mouth, she would have leveled every Arab capital a dozen times over! That piece of out and out violent provocation, the riot at the Wailing Wall, was never exposed for what it was. The Arab fascists never had peace in mind, they used the peace process (what a stupid term) as a stalking horse in their ultimate quest in the destruction of Israel. If they had lived up to their end of the bargain, which they never did, Israel would have never elected Sharon.

Al the excrement who voiced their sympathy and approval of the Palestinians' murderous rampage, didn't seem to have one bit of sympathy for the Israelis who can't sit in a cafe without worrying about being blown up. If the Arabs were serious about peace and fredom, they should practise wha they preach in their own countries. they complain about how Israel treats its Palestinians while they treat their Jews and dissidents a hundred times as badly.
Die Arafat, Burn Saudi Arabia, Death to Hamas, Al-Asqa, Hezbollah, Assad, Faud, Mubarak, Burn Iran and all the Ayatollahs Muthefukas and the rest of the Arab & Islamic vermin.

Islam is an evil ideology just like Communism. Look at al the poverty, slavery, oppression, sexism and ignorance the Muslim and especially the Arab world produce. Like Communism, Islam preaches all sorts of nice things about peace and brotherhood but like Communism, it delivers nothing but misery! Ask the victims of Islamic?Arab fanaticism how they feel? From the Philippines to Algeria, Islam has made enemies, but leftist elite here and in Yourope still sympathize with these lowlifes!