Friday, April 12, 2002

Beyond Contempt! A Classic Study in Stupid, Greedy Legal Manuevers. Notorious BIG heirs are suing the LAPD.

Because, not only didn't they protect Notorious BIG from the other violent criminals in the rap world, but, as you probably guessed by now, the LAPD is part of yet another conspiracy.

The suit alleges that, prior to the killing, the LAPD "knew or reasonably should have known" that an atmosphere of violence and "alleged criminality" surrounded a rival record label, Death Row Records, and that street gangs were associated with the company and its employees. The LAPD also should have known its officers were working with suspected or convicted criminals for Death Row and had dealings with a certain street gang.

So a piece of criminal garbage, who made great money promoting violence and criminality and "dissing" the police gets murdered. So what?, decent people say, he got what he deserved. But in the morally and intellectually inferior world that spawned such garbage, blacks are always the victim because, we all know, they are just puppets of the MAN! Or in other words, blacks really are too inferior to be held to the same standards as the rest of us. Add that to a court system where any crying little baby can get rewarded any time baby gets a bruise or upset, no matter how stupid or sleazy baby is. Sounds like a winner. Given the braindead morons, read New Age types, that proliferate in CA, that case is good for at least ten million. I hope the pigs, if they win, glut themselves to death on it.

For students of criminal lowlifes, they say that the B.I.G. and Tupac murders were part of the East-West Coast rap rivalry. That is one rivalry that should be encouraged. Less is better!

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

AIDS protestors stage another obnoxious, disruptive rally at the capital

AIDS protestors stage another obnoxious, disruptive rally at the capital,
18 arrested. Usual complaints; less money given, more money needed for promiscuous minority types.

STATE ASSEMBLYMAN Roger Green, a Brooklyn Democrat, was among those arrested.
Protesters criticized the Pataki administration, saying its proposed budget would cut $18 million in treatment and outreach programs. They called for another $12 million specifically targeted at minority communities.
Demonstrators said diagnosed cases are on the rise and they fear there are many undiagnosed cases in minority communities.

Really lame Channel 13/MSNBC write up as usual. Protest all you want, but AIDS is spread mainly through contaminated needles or raunchy promiscuous sex. Contrast that to fire prevention: People didn't picket and attack town hall, match or electric cord companies. They enacted safer fire and building codes and took sensible precautions themselves. The leftist ignorant jerks who drive these rallies are just blame shifting!

Monday, April 08, 2002

The Darwin Awards, which honor individuals of low mental and moral capacity who de-select themselves from the human gene pool

It's a great website for a few laughs at the expense of society's losers. There are endless stories of utter stupidity that can make me laugh no matter how glum I get! To qualify, one must either sterilize or kill themselves through their own stupidity. Figure, based on comparative anatomy, most of the sterilize cases involve males. Then a panel must verify the story then rate it. There is user rating input too. The pages are full of fools from around the globe. My only complaint is that they can use a little spell and grammar checking. Here's a good non-lethal example:

2000 Darwin Awards: Lobster Vasectomy: This tale proves that crime does pay, if you're fishing for elective surgery to go along with your stolen goods. A 24-year-old supermarket shoplifter stuffed five lobsters in his pants and sprinted for the door, but ...
You can guess the rest!

But here is a classic. It is a reality version of a bad joke I made up in grammar school concerning the comparison of different types of gun actions:

(28 February 2000, Texas) A Houston man earned a succinct lesson in gun safety when he played Russian roulette with a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol. Rashaad, nineteen, was visiting friends when he announced his intention to play the deadly game. He apparently did not realize that a semiautomatic pistol, unlike a revolver, automatically inserts a cartridge into the firing chamber when the gun is cocked. His chance of winning a round of Russian roulette was zero, as he quickly discovered.

This guy is the grand prize winner! 51% of online respondents gave him a 10.

Tales of two electorates

Tales of two electorates, why Blacks don't get elected(to high offices like Senate or Governerships)
One is the usual middle of the road muddle from the TNR, "DURHAM DISPATCH Code Blue" by Jason Zengerle. It records the travails of a black state representative in North Carolina who lost the speakership and doesn't get much support for his bid for Jesse Helm's old US Senate seat.
"Perhaps this decade," political analyst William Schneider predicted in 1990, "we'll have a black on the national ticket."

Not only has that not happened, but by some measures black political power has actually regressed since Schneider's words. While black Democrats continue to win city, county, and down-ticket statewide offices, there are currently no African Americans in governor's mansions or in the U.S. Senate. And it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon.

I know nothing about this man or North Carolina politics, maybe he is a victim of subtle racism. But the article misses the main point. Blacks won't get elected to high offices as long as racial rabble rousers and spoil seekers dominate the spotlight. Since a majority of Americans are dead set against any slave reparations and all but the smallest doses of affirmative action, the Black caucus mentality of John Conyers, Cynthia McKinney, and Maxine Waters is a dead issue. The Black caucus's international endearment with our Islamic and Communist enemies is an utter disgrace, regardless of one's feelings on domestic issues, which guarantees any patriot will revile them, race or not. Add to that disgraces like Marion Barry and Jesse Jackson and you got zilch appeal outside a fringe of Rainbow leftists. The worse, of course, is Al Sharpton, chief scumbag of the Afro political scene. He commands an enormous amount of power here in the Evil Empire State's Democratic machine, where his lock on Black primary voters is strong. A great article in the NRO, "Professional Spoiler: Don’t underestimate Al Sharpton." By Edward Blum exposes this malcontent's evil machinations:

There are two unique features that characterize black voters in America and Al Sharpton will use of both them to his advantage: First, in national elections blacks are a near-monolithic vote. Second, using census data, blacks voters can be identified household-by-household and targeted on the precinct level. If Sharpton bled 80 percent of the black vote away from Moynihan, he could do the same against Tom Daschle, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry or any of the Democrat leading lights. Throw in a handful of Hispanic and white voters and Sharpton could win or be runner-up in most of the critical primary states. Since the Democrats are likely to frontload their primary-election schedule this cycle, it is not inconceivable for Sharpton to actually win New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. If he doesn't outright win these states, the racial arithmetic earns him a close second.

This is not theoretical political physics either. Some well-regarded political analysts believe that in many states black voters could constitute between 30-40 percent of Democrat primary voters in 2004 because black-voter participation at the polls has never been higher. And therein lies the problem for the other Democrat presidential hopefuls: how do they distinguish themselves among primary voters if they probably won't be successful attracting any black voters? Do they out-Sharpton Sharpton by defending racial preferences? Should they follow his lead and endorse reparations for slavery? Or do they remind voters of Sharpton's none-too-subtle anti-Semitism and the Tawana Brawley fiasco? Can they criticize — personally and politically — the candidate of choice of most black primary voters and expect the same voters to return in sufficient numbers in November to vote for them and against George W. Bush?

Nuff said! Figure that if the worse comes true, Al and his buddies completely swamp the Democratic party, figure a mass defection to the Republicans or third parties. It is sad that the Democrats can't offer any more reasonable alternatives to the GOP, thanks to pandering to racial demagogues like Al Sharpton or Maxine Waters. No one I know wants reparations or any more affirmative action. Notice the racial preferences of Blacks, where anyone sharing the same color as them get a vote regardless of their qualities. John Perazzo dissects the double standard in his book, "The Myths that Divide Us". He proves beyond a doubt that Whites will vote for a Black much more readily than Blacks for a White in a mixed election. This counters the oft repeated lie that only Whites cast racially biased votes.

Sunday, April 07, 2002

William Safire has words of defiance from the world's most despised and embattled leader

This prime minister, after a period of painful forbearance under intolerable provocation, is now decisively fulfilling the mandate Israelis overwhelmingly gave him: to turn back the tide of terror. President Bush is resisting powerful pressure from many in the worldwide opinion mafia and the oil industry to "engage" and undermine him. Though demonized by extremist Arab dictators and despised by fanatics left and right, Arik Sharon is the average Palestinian's last best hope in this generation for a good life in an independent state.

When the usual cowards and the international barbarian cheerleaders try to instill doom in Israel, he barks back:

Sharon is not buying that at all. "I saw that pessimistic evaluation in Newsweek about our morale," he says with some scorn. "I don't even consider that an issue. Through 4000 years of continuity in our ancestral homeland, Israel's people have undergone hardship, persecution, Holocaust, terrible adversity. But the nation is stronger than others have estimated. We have overcome all our challenges. The Jewish people are indestructible."

Academic dishonesty, or student cheating is rampant, according to CNN

A national survey by Rutgers' Management Education Center of 4,500 high school students found that 75 percent of them engage in serious cheating.
More than half have plagiarized work they found on the Internet...
Perhaps most disturbing, many of them don't see anything wrong with
I refuse to offer bromides or assign blame to the Clintons or other facile liberal targets.

Rutgers Professor McCabe has this comment:
"I think kids today are looking to adults and society for a moral compass," he says, "and when they see the behavior occurring there, they don't understand why they should be held to a higher standard."

but doesn't think sanctions or enforcement is necessary:
says he thinks such policing action is just a Band-Aid for a moral deficit that schools and parents should address.

"I subscribe to the theory that suggests we'd be much better off promoting integrity among our students rather than trying to police their dishonesty,"

This is bad news from the experts, honor and integrity grow only when the perp knows he can get caught and punished. Relying on an individual's good intentions is never enough. If the bad go unpunished, then the average will see that and tilt that way. Sterling character is always rare!