Sunday, April 07, 2002

Academic dishonesty, or student cheating is rampant, according to CNN

A national survey by Rutgers' Management Education Center of 4,500 high school students found that 75 percent of them engage in serious cheating.
More than half have plagiarized work they found on the Internet...
Perhaps most disturbing, many of them don't see anything wrong with
I refuse to offer bromides or assign blame to the Clintons or other facile liberal targets.

Rutgers Professor McCabe has this comment:
"I think kids today are looking to adults and society for a moral compass," he says, "and when they see the behavior occurring there, they don't understand why they should be held to a higher standard."

but doesn't think sanctions or enforcement is necessary:
says he thinks such policing action is just a Band-Aid for a moral deficit that schools and parents should address.

"I subscribe to the theory that suggests we'd be much better off promoting integrity among our students rather than trying to police their dishonesty,"

This is bad news from the experts, honor and integrity grow only when the perp knows he can get caught and punished. Relying on an individual's good intentions is never enough. If the bad go unpunished, then the average will see that and tilt that way. Sterling character is always rare!