Sunday, March 31, 2002

CSPAN sucks! their call in show is dominated by pro Palestinian, anti-American scum who spout the party line

This includes the left and right. Concerning the latest wave of Palestinian/Muslim terrorism and Israelis belated response to the terror master Arafat, every piece of ignorant trash called in to express their sympathy with the murderous garbage who provoked the Jewish reaction to begin with. As I remember in Fall of 2000, Barak was living up to his end of the Oslo bargain, doing everything he could to appease Arafat when the backstabbing Arab pigs used then private citizen Sharon's visit to the Wailing Wall as an excuse to riot and resume the war. The Palestinian Nazis said his speech was provocative. Well, if Israel attacked everytime some anti-semitic Nazi sympathizer ran his mouth, she would have leveled every Arab capital a dozen times over! That piece of out and out violent provocation, the riot at the Wailing Wall, was never exposed for what it was. The Arab fascists never had peace in mind, they used the peace process (what a stupid term) as a stalking horse in their ultimate quest in the destruction of Israel. If they had lived up to their end of the bargain, which they never did, Israel would have never elected Sharon.

Al the excrement who voiced their sympathy and approval of the Palestinians' murderous rampage, didn't seem to have one bit of sympathy for the Israelis who can't sit in a cafe without worrying about being blown up. If the Arabs were serious about peace and fredom, they should practise wha they preach in their own countries. they complain about how Israel treats its Palestinians while they treat their Jews and dissidents a hundred times as badly.
Die Arafat, Burn Saudi Arabia, Death to Hamas, Al-Asqa, Hezbollah, Assad, Faud, Mubarak, Burn Iran and all the Ayatollahs Muthefukas and the rest of the Arab & Islamic vermin.

Islam is an evil ideology just like Communism. Look at al the poverty, slavery, oppression, sexism and ignorance the Muslim and especially the Arab world produce. Like Communism, Islam preaches all sorts of nice things about peace and brotherhood but like Communism, it delivers nothing but misery! Ask the victims of Islamic?Arab fanaticism how they feel? From the Philippines to Algeria, Islam has made enemies, but leftist elite here and in Yourope still sympathize with these lowlifes!