Saturday, April 06, 2002

Eric Alterman, always the leftist moral phony

sounds off at the lack of tolerance for a Jewish traitor's family. In "Hatred runs rampant in the land of the free", he excorciates the folks who have harrassed the family of traitor Adam Shapiro. Of course, in true communist tradition, he describes this terrorist protector as a peace activist. I don't approve of people harrassing his family, the same way I despise random violence against mosques or Arabs. That would just lower us to the level of the leftist or Arabic scum that he supports.

But back home in the United States, Adam Shapiro’s family has paid a high price for his compassion. Pro-Israel zealots who disapprove of his politics have rained such a torrent of threats and abuse on his parents that they have fled the city. And Noah Shapiro, an attorney who has defended his brother’s actions in the media, is now living under police guard.

Fine Eric, the abuse is wrong, but your criticism is one sided. I never hear him denounce the savagery and hate that his Muslim buddies promote. When the PA murders suspected collaborators without trial, where are the anti-death penalty civil rights advocate? What would happen to a pro-Israeli dissident in Cairo or Damacus? Just like the left's response to the cold war: Scream about McCarthy and Hollywood blacklist while ignoring or excusing the communist when they jail or kill those who disagfree in the slightest. The joke was would the Soviets bother investigating the Democratic Capitalist Party members, a party that could never existed in the USSR?