Friday, April 05, 2002

Why Israel Must Stop The Terror By Bandar bin Sultan, Ambassador from Saudi Arabia

The nerve of this scum. He tries to suck up to the US, belatedly condoning our war against the scum in Afgahnistan.

I am sympathetic to the suffering of the American people and the anger of the American leadership over terrorist attacks on the United States.....I am saddened and feel pain for what happened to thousands of innocent people in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

This is after his fascist, religion hating country spawned most of the 9/11 vermin and then did its best to shield the horrors it created from us. The only reason he is sucking up to us is that those weak, spineless cowards wouldn't dare lay a finger on Israel directly. But she'll do here best to whip up her world wide network of Islamic crazies to cause more terror and oppression.

. But I feel the pain and suffering of 3 million innocent Palestinians from a terrorist Israeli operation. I understand and respect the priorities of the United States, but I also respect and understand the priorities of 3 million unarmed Palestinians.(huh?, ed) I acknowledge that the Palestinians' greatest crime is their insistence on resisting the military occupation of their country. This strange principle of resistance to military occupation of one's country seems to be difficult for many American political, intellectual and media elite to comprehend -- even though it has been practiced by others in the past, such as Nelson Mandela in South Africa under apartheid and Gen. George Washington during British colonial rule, and even Menachem Begin during the British Mandate of Palestine......No sensible person can accept or support the killing of innocent people anywhere in the world -- and that includes innocent Israelis. This also applies to the innocent Palestinians.... The Israeli people are also victims of the Israeli occupation. And now America's worldwide interests are victims of the Israeli occupation. The policies of the Israeli government continue to prove that Israel is a strategic burden on the United States in times of crisis in the Middle East.

So now the ambassador of a country that bans all Jews and won't let a Christian wear a cross or worship claims he's feeling all our pain. Then he wants us to identify the Palestinians with freedom fighters that his sandbox kingdom will never produce or tolerate! What about resistance to the tyranny in your kingdom, where women are treated like cattle and homosexuals beheaded? Or you claim you feel for the dead Jews when the filth who runs your royal approved rags reprint Nazi screeds about Jews using Arab blood for their matzoh? Maybe he's right about our country's world interest suffering a bit from our support of Israel. But that's mainly due to the hate, that the scum like his brethern, have whipped up amongst the Muslim fanatics around the world. Through the mosques and schools that this sick little kingdom have financed, have sprung all the death worshipping savages with guns and korans in hand and explosives around their waist. This is why we hate you people, I wear your Islamic hate and contempt as a badge of honor. If your culture accepted us, then something must be wrong with us. You just want to use America to run and guard you pumps, you hypocrite!