Tuesday, April 02, 2002

More about the anti-Semitic violence in France from the paper of record

There have been 2 synagogue fires and some shots fired, thank God no one was hurt, yet! Of course, Muslims living in France are behind it. Muslim leaders helped with their usual backhanded denouncement:

The grand mufti of Marseille, Soheib Bencheikh, condemned "these barbarous acts," adding: "Our natural and spontaneous solidarity with the Palestinian people, who submit to daily murders and humiliations orchestrated by Israel's bloody and vengeful leaders, cannot let us forget two undeniable truths: Jews and Arabs have shown, across their long history, an astonishing capacity to live together.

Notice the ritual accusations against the Israelis, without mentioning the mindless violent Muslim fanatics contribution to the scene in Israel. Then the obligatory appeal to the supposed ancient amity. Of course, that ancient amity was predicated by the Jews gracefully accepting 2nd class subject status under Islamic rule.
The French response was cool Cartesian logic:

The mayor of Anderlecht, Jacques Simonet, told Belgian radio that he ascribed the attack to "a hostility which means that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is exported to some of our tougher neighborhoods."

But I thought the Arabs and Muslims only hate Zionist, at least according to the party line for western consumption.