Thursday, May 08, 2003

Blacks Too Unstable To Have Guns, According to the NAACP in this pathetic lawsuit against the gun industry

Cherry-picking statistics from a confidential ATF "trace" database obtained by subpoena, the NAACP argued that by failing to track their products after release into the flow of commerce, gun manufacturers are responsible for high numbers of firearm-related deaths in black communities.

It's just another pathetic attempt to blame black criminal behavior on whites, since, it's whites who own the gun factories, right on man! But since no one is saying that there is any deliberate malice against the black community in particular, then the NAACP is implying that blacks are too inferior to enjoy 2nd Amendment Rights like the rest of us. The NAACP is also helping to increase black crime by constantly blame shifting black problems onto whites. Or in other words, it's okay to be a criminal because it's all whitey's fault!