Saturday, May 17, 2003

Four terrorist blasts rock Casablanca, killing at least 24 people, officials say, AP 5/16/03 11:44 PM

RABAT, Morocco (AP) -- Terrorists exploded four bombs in the coastal city of Casablanca late Friday, killing at least 24 people and damaging the Belgian consulate, a Jewish center and a Spanish restaurant, officials said. Sixty people were wounded.

More Al Qaeda. Me thinks it's a swan song of international terrorism. They're sticking to Muslim countries because it's too hot here for them. And it's going to cost them a vast resevoir of Islamic goodwill as the blood flows at home. They will never succeed at destablization of the despotic satrapies of Algeria and Saudia Arabia and they will only bring our wrath down on old friends. Even Islamic folks are plain sick of them when all they can do is kill mainly other Muslims. But why the Belgium Embassy, the mini France of appeasement and neutrality?

Psychotic Ramblings from a Asian Sultan

in this gem of paranoid warped non-logic from an articulate columnist:

Indian suspicions of US intentions in South Asia are revealed in private comments by senior officials as well as comments in the media. Newspapers have taken to giving headlines such as "Daisy-cutters or olive branch", meaning that if India doesn't make peace with Pakistan, as the US desires and probably on US terms, it may have to face an invasion in the manner of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yeah right, we're going to invade India because they won't give up Kashmir. Get a life!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Click it or Ticket or attack of the fascist nannies

DOT has gone whole hog in coercing safety by using the police to hassle us because we're too stupid to decide to use seat belts or not. I usually wear my seatbelt but one should be free to decide how safe they want to be. As long as your actions don't directly hurt anyone else, it should be your business, not some dumb porcine asshole who probably hates and abuses you anyways. Leave it to New York, under the Mussolini of fascist nannies: Cuomo, to pass the nation's first seatbelt law. It gives bored bullies a good chance to hassle folks under the benevolent rubric of protecting you from yourself. Leave it to the rest of the fascist nannies, and the legions of paranoid ninnies who worry about Skylab and SARS, to make this crummy patronizing law into a national religion of forcing health and safety down everyone's throat.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Did You Know He's a Scholar Too?

or did he discuss his nose job too?

Convocation -- season of degrees, earned and honorary, is upon us -- an opportune time to reflect upon the state of the contemporary university. But first, a newspaper cutting: "At the end of the speech Jackson, who briefly shed tears again, was presented with a mortar board and gown to cheers and a standing ovation." The Jackson in question was Michael Jackson. The place was Oxford University. Need one say more about "higher" education?