Thursday, April 18, 2002

The more I hear about the world's reaction to Israel, the more I hate the world!

Europeans condemn Israel, while winking at Islamic fanatics (roughly 50% of all Muslims) who go around beating up Rabbis, burning synagogues and spreading hate, just like the Nazis in the 30's and the 40's. They want to strip Shimon Peres's Nobel prize while saying nothing about that lying Jew hating killer Arafat's prize. They claim outrage at Israel but when Muslims kill and enslave millions in other far away lands like Algeria and the Sudan, barely a murmur from all the tie dyed collegiate red political types. Serbia was massacering and expelling all it's Muslims, and Europe sat on its hands and did nothing till despised Clinton finally bombed the Serbs back home. Why aren't the Serbs attacked in the streets and their country isolated, if everyone gets so outraged about Muslim mistreatment. Kuwait, who was conquered by Iraq, then expelled all the Palestinians after we liberated that god foresaken sandbox of oil wells, now embraces Saddam and fanatically supports the Palestinians. Before that they gleefully supported Osama, naming their little future haters and Jew killers after that mass murdering Islamic pig.
The Catholic Church, that beacon of morality and peace, shrieks at Israel, but barely murmurs at the Nazi style murder of Jews. They complain to the IDF about the siege in Bethlehem, while excusing the murderous terrorist who stormed the church and now use the building and staff as human shields. Of course, human shields only work if you assume your enemy has some morality. Arabs complain about Israeli warplanes but Israel fights on the ground this time. They invent atrocity stories that third rate rags like that leftist fishwrapper, the Albany Metroland, reprint verbatim. Meanwhile the press in our allied in name only countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia vilify the Israelis with the lowest form of anti-Semitic screed, when they are not vilifying us. Or they have telethons to reward the families of Jew killing homicide bombers, and their brethern seem to think its okay to attack Jews everywhere. Here's a better writer to sum it up!

And on Pearl Harbor day (December 7, 2001), Yasser Arafat’s official "Voice of Palestine" radio broadcast another sermon at the Al-Aksa Mosque delivered by Mohammed Hassin, which said in part: "The ‘Mongolians’ and ‘Crusaders’ are raising their heads and enlisting armies to fight the Islamic nations in an oppressive campaign, under the label of ‘terrorism,’ which the infidels are attaching to the Arabs and Muslims for the purpose of realizing their imperialist interests, and to spread their control over the Muslim countries and their resources."

This is but a small sampling of the available evidence, but it captures a truth that every American must grasp. Islamic radicals from Pakistan to Palestine, including government agencies in Iraq, Iran, and Palestine have summoned their people to a holy war against the modern, tolerant, democratic, Judeo-Christian and secular West. They hate us and have targeted us for who we are. This is a war whose outcome cannot be negotiated. It will be resolved only by the defeat of radical Islam or the destruction of the West.

Face it, it's a religious and cultural war with the Palestinians as the main excuse. The Muslim world wants to destroy Israel and kill or reduce to serf status all Jews, next in line Christians and the US of A. Wake up people, we are at war. Islam has declared was on us. Thankfully, just for now, they are too backwards and impoverished to strike us harder, but that day is coming! As a disclaimer, I utterly disavow any reprisals against people of that faith, that is against my principles and would just reduce us to their level. Also, as an American, I put my country first, but Israel a close second. But their governments and terrorists and those who harbor them, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH!!