Monday, April 29, 2002

Got to give the Muslims some credit

They certainly know how to present themselves as victims (when they are the aggressors), exploit the multi-cultural sympathies of the brain dead pc types (who would be the first victims if the Islamicist won) and expropriate the language of the Jewish experience (like former Nazi allies, Jew haters, and propaganda disseminators calling the Jews Nazis or manufacturing lies for the gullible about non-existent genocide. Just like some garbage head rapper talking about genocide in America when he means animals like himself killing each other.)

But this case takes the cake. Daniel Pipes, the canary in the coal mine of American stupidity, spoke at University of Washington at Seattle. There he was pestered by the usual Islamic idiots who tried to play the race card, which they learned from the "brothers". But the old man spoke on and put the whining bullies in their place. But one quote, from an Islamicist, really caught my attention. Consider this quote:
'One Ahmed Amr, an editor of, said he was planning to sue the [Henry M.] Jackson School of International Studies for bringing Pipes to the university. "They shouldn't have let him speak. He's the Farrakhan of the Jewish Taliban." '

So he's bashing Pipes because he says Pipes is anti-Islam. Yet he uses two great examples of Islamic fascism and stupidity to compare him to. Case Closed!