Monday, October 28, 2002

Sniper Media Coverage and Endless False Speculations Were a Perfect Example of Mindless Overkill of All Fluff & No Substance

Nothing has been more contemptible than the wall-to-wall, 24/7 coverage of the DC sniper case. Of course, it was a big, terrifying case, but nothing justify the utter waste of media attention. A hostage standoff, riot or a volcano provide lots of slow moments punctuated with furious action, but at least the media can find the action and cover the juicy parts. Unless they intended on covering every last square meter of the four surrounding counties and Washington DC 24/7, only blind luck could put the camera at the scene & time of the crime. So endless time was spent mining the human interest remains of the poor sods who stopped these Islamic terrorists' bullets, cops walking around in circles at the crime scene or endless reading of official pronouncements at police news conferences all day.

The most contemptible part was the endless parade of experts, profilers and psychic diviners who all had their speculations turn to the trash it was when the real truth emerged. The profile, of course, called for a white male Christian right wing loner/loser (probably voted for Bush and joined the NRA); this was an article of faith amongst the idiotarians. Of course, it was two black male Islamic terrorist losers. From the start, I refused to believe it was a serial killer, I knew it was Islamic terrorists. Think DC = Nation's Capital, War on (Islamic) Terror, Duh Homer! So on the cheap, these homeless punks created untold havoc and misery while tying down at least a billion bucks worth of police and ten billion worth of media resources. No surprise to this webmeister that they were black, with the Black Muslims' penchant for violence, like H Rap Brown's and the notorious 5 Percenters, expect more! But thanks to the stupid cops and their whiteman profile, these black punks got away to kill some more after a police stop in the Charm City. Imagine the reverse happening, Sharpton would have started a riot by now. Only 55% of sniper killers in this country are white men, but in the mind of the average liberal or black blockhead, it's 100%. Notice how the media talking heads would like us to forget their stupidity. laziness and mendaciously boring coverage.

Yes Virginia, they are Islamic terrorists! Like the Mafia and the coalition of international Communist countries, the Islamicists don't act under a unified high command with endless written orders and detailed chain of command. Instead, a biggy like Osama plans few big attacks and hopes the faithful, in allied Islamicist organizations, will follow through with mayhem of their own. The only ways to defeat them is to first strike back at them in their sanctuaries. No more will good Muslim leaders like Khaddafy, the Taliban or Idi Amin use their captive nation as a sanctuary for these brutes. But most important, they must be defeated every time, even at the cost of some civilain casualties. Putin and the Russians are ham fisted and brutal at times, but they should be commended for making future terriorist dwell not only on their impending deaths and the deaths of their camp followers, BUT THEY WILL PROBABLY FAIL! Nothing fails better than failure!