Monday, September 02, 2002

Scary and Totally Obvious Scenario in Pakistan

Or Things to Worry About More Important Than Iraq
Despite last April's rigged plebiscite that gave Gen. Musharraf five more years as president and chief of the armed forces, hostile forces besiege Gen. Musharraf. He has survived six assassination plots. Like Cerberus, the three-headed dog of Greek mythology guarding the entrance of Hades, he is keeping at bay:
(1) The unreconstructed and largely irresponsible political parties that have pushed the country into military dictatorships for half its lifetime since independence.
(2) The medieval clergy whose idea of progress is Taliban.
(3) And the military spooks of ISI whose idea of global power is al Qaeda with nukes.
.............Gen. Musharraf remains Pakistan's most popular man in the West. At home, he is now arguably the most unpopular. He has antagonized every key segment of Pakistani society, even his own beloved army. Ambitious corps commanders in the queue for a fourth star are now looking at retirement while Gen. Musharraf still holds the top military job, a situation Gen. Gul keeps exploiting to agitate Islamist generals further down the promotion ladder.