Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Same Old America Haters Try to View 9/11 Thru Old Lenses

using an "The Unholy Alliance of Marxism and Islamism":

. "Colonialism" and "imperialism" are verbal smokescreens used to disguise an ideologically skewed standard by which America and the West are judged uniquely evil and the rest of the world is idealized into noble-savage victims whose violence is justified or rationalized away as an understandable response to Western depredations. That is, these concepts justify an anti-Western and anti-American prejudice.

. And that prejudice, that reflexive anti-Americanism spawned by a bankrupt ideology, is one of the greatest obstacles we face in destroying terrorism and fostering democracy. In the Middle East and Europe alike, the old bogeys of "colonialism" and "imperialism" continue to justify a hatred of the United States whose true origins are envy and resentment. Winning the war on terror will demand that we set straight the historical record and cut through Marxist cliches to reveal the truth: What distinguishes the West and America is not their evils, which are sadly typical of all humans everywhere, but their goods — the ideas of freedom and self-determination that are the property of all human beings everywhere — and the most important reasons why we fight.