Monday, May 06, 2002

Hollywood Strikes Back

John Malkovich wants to improve the UK's journalistic & political standards:
GEORGE Galloway, the outspoken Labour MP, is consulting his lawyers after Hollywood star John Malkovich allegedly said he would like to shoot him....... He was asked by one student who he would most like to fight to the death, and replied "I’d rather just shoot them," before naming Mr Galloway and the Independent newspaper’s Middle East correspondent, Robert Fisk.".....

It would be fair to say you can infer from what he said that he was talking about the way George Galloway and Robert Fisk report on the Israel and Palestinian conflict and perhaps that they are not the most neutral of reports and come out with the Palestinian side."

As a matter of note, Galloway once called me a fascist, racist barely literate moron after I insulted him for calling the US & Israel partners in genocide.